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TargetStream offers products and services to support the electronic delivery and presentation of document, report and print stream information.

TargetStream specializes in components that integrate with Integrated Document Archival and Retrieval Systems (IDARS). Our components are capable of "indexing", "parsing", converting, and "web-enabling" document, report and print stream information (including, but not limited to, IBM's AFP- Advanced Function Presentation.

TargetStream services focus on facilitating the delivery and presentation of document, report and print stream information. We provide consulting, and custom software development to help your organization render document information (such as bill images, statements, invoices, and reports all of which are found in print stream data) . We also provide hosting for companies that prefer to leverage TargetStream's expertise to securely web enable their document, report and print stream information.

StreamEDP repurposes documents. Transform AFP to PDF, XML, HTML, TIF, Postscript, PCL, Text, and Raster formats. Convert Text and TIF to PDF. StreamEDP was written to be extremely fast and efficient so that companies can perform real-time document conversions. Available in pure Java and C# versions.

StreamIndex parses document, report and print stream data for index information and then archives and stores the documents to the file system, database or any custom document managment system. The index information stored with the document is used to facilitate fast and efficient retrieval of the print stream data.

StreamDDB is middleware that facilitates the reliable and efficient retrieval and conversion of document data from a document archival and retrieval system (IDARS) such as IBM's Content Manager OnDemand. StreamDDB reduces the number of roundtrips to the document system and provides greater application stability.

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  • StreamEDP for .NET
    We haven't forgotten the .NET community... TargetStream has just release SteamEDP for .NET, a pure C# AFP-to-PDF conversion component.