Summary of TargetStream Products

TargetStream specializes in components that integrate with Integrated Document Archival and Retrieval Systems (IDARS). Our components are capable of mining, parsing, converting, and “web-enabling” document, report and print stream information (including, but not limited to, IBM’s AFP- Advanced Function Presentation).


TargetStream products work by indexing, retrieving and converting document data. StreamIndex mines the document data for key information so that the document can later be retrieved by its index. StreamDDB (a popular middleware for document storage products such as IBM’s Content Manger OnDemand) facilitates the efficient, stable, and scalable retrieval of the documents from the storage system. StreamDDB uses connectors to access the document storage system. Connectors are available to integrate with IBM’s Content Manager-OnDemand and StreamIndex. The connector architecture is extensible and custom connectors can be added by TargetStream or the Customer. StreamEDS is TargetStream’s all-in-one solution for your business needs. StreamEDS converts fully composed and mixed mode AFP document data (as defined in the MODCA and AFP specifications) to PDF documents. render document information (such as bill images, statements, invoices, and reports all of which are found in print stream data). We also provide hosting for companies that prefer to leverage TargetStream’s expertise to securely web enable their document, report and print stream information.

Product Use-Cases

TargetStream products are used by businesses that have document, report and print stream information that they would like to have web enabled. Some business want to web enable their documents for online:

  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Reports

The document data is indexed, retrieved, and converted to an Adobe PDF so that the document can be rendered online with the full fidelity of the print image. These are some of the most common uses, for more detailed use cases or to discuss your particular use case please Contact Us.

Product Integration

TargetStream products architected to be used as plug and play components with each other or they can be integrated with other vendor’s solutions in this realm. For example, a company could use IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand (for document indexing and storage), IBM’s OnDemand Web Enablement Kit (for document retrieval), TargetStream’s StreamDDB (for increased performance, reliability, and scalability), and TargetStream’s StreamEDS (for the AFP to PDF document conversion). TargetStream products can integrate with IBM’s OnDemand or can be deployed as an alternative to OnDemand components. StreamIndex is comparable to Content Manager OnDemand. StreamDDB provides the connectivity to the Document Server like ODWEK plus so many more integrated features.

For more information, or to evaluate, please Contact us!