A major concern of Development Managers who hire consultants to design and develop solutions, is to ensure that when the consultants leave, the knowledge stays. TargetStream’s consultants focus on knowledge transfer during every phase of the project. Our Architects have several years of System Administration and Sofware Engineering experience.

We at TargetStream strive to pass along knowledge to those we are mentoring. Experience shows that mentoring is the most effective means to raise the level of staff skills.

At TargetStream. we realize there is a difference between contracting and consulting. As consultants we provide much more than bodies that “crank out code”. We actively incorporate training, mentoring, and will establish project assets to be used over and over again. In each client engagement, we bring our experience, and our proven components with us. With our frameworks, we provide the mentoring to aid understanding, use, and implementation. Our experience, components and frameworks can significantly “jumpstart” a project and provide a solid base to increase your staff’s skills.

Our philosophy is to focus on mentoring and knowledge transfer to help your permanent staff aquire and enhance their skills in developing your document, print stream and report online soluction. Our approach is to provide a team of highly experienced consultants to help outline and architect solutions to meet your business needs. Our staff is composed of Senior Architects and Developers who have years of mentoring, training, and developing document rendering systems.

How are we different that others in this field? The others usually come in empty handed to design and develop software “from scratch”. As we bring our components, examples and patterns to the project, we are able to make a dramatic impact on the time required to develop a system. Once your basic software architecture is in place, you are able to focus on the domain and specific business rules, just developing the unique aspects of the application.