StreamEDS is a powerful solution to mine, parse, convert, make accessible, and web-enable documents, report and print stream information, and much more. StreamEDS can interpret, analyze, modify, and transform documents from different sources and create output for print and display purposes. StreamEDS is available as a 100% pure Java component or .NET component (DLLs) that converts IBM’s Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) data and resources to many different repurposed formats including Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

The diagram below shows a typical system flow for document conversions.

Document Flow

Here at TargetStream we strive to be the best in fidelity, transform speed, and file size. We aim for 100% fidelity in all conversions, the fastest transformations in the industry, and the smallest output document size possible. StreamEDS is architected utilizing advanced threading algorithms so that documents can be transformed extremely fast.

Fast document conversions

  • Allows companies to perform document conversions in real-time systems.
  • StreamEDS utilizes a multithreading application model in order to convert documents as fast as possible. Users can apply multiple threads to a given document conversion allowing individual documents to convert faster on multi CPU systems. This means that StreamEDS can utilize multiple threads to convert a single document resulting in industry leading document conversion times. SteamEDS is thread safe allowing a system to convert multiple documents at the same time.
  • Improved performance is realized by the StreamEDS caching architecture. This caching architecture stores frequently used resources in memory so that they do not have to be transformed over and over when they are referenced multiple times.


  • For those AFP’s that utilize custom resources and fonts, StreamEDS provides a flexible and easy to configure XML based architecture for configuring resource mappings.
  • Meet your needs with multiple ways to transform such as batch AFP to PDF Conversion. StreamEDS provides command line utilities that allow AFP to PDF document conversion in a batch mode.

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