StreamEDS Benefits

Industry leading speed – Ideal for real time systems

StreamEDS is architected utilizing advanced threading algorithms so that documents can be transformed extremely fast with optimized multi-threaded document conversion. Quick document conversions allow companies to perform document conversions in real-time systems On-Demand. SteamEDS is thread safe allowing a system to convert multiple documents at the same time. Utilizing multiple threads allows applications running on multi-CPU machines can realize the fastest conversion times possible.

Improved performance is also realized by the StreamEDS caching architecture. Frequently used resources are stored in memory so that they do not have to be transformed every time when they are referenced multiple times.

Easy to Understand Java API – Ideal for quick integration

StreamEDS integrates with other vendor’s components seamlessly. StreamEDS was architected with an open API that requires one main method developer’s call to perform the conversion that accepts a document and returns the desired document with changes as defined in the workflow invoked. This “Plug’N’Play” dynamic allows for no restrictions in the API that prevent it from integrating with any other document indexing or retrieval software.

Encrypt PDF – Keep data secure & ensure no tampering

The StreamEDS API provides behavior to encrypt a PDF using a password. Business applications that take advantage of this feature can encrypt a PDF with a password that only the recipient knows. This can be leveraged to protect customer data during transit. With this encryption only the individual who knows the password used to encrypt the PDF can view the content by supplying the password to open the PDF document. For an encrypted PDF, the Acrobat Reader prompts for a password before it will open it.

PDF’s can also be encrypted using various combinations of Access Flags. These Access Flags can restrict certain features of the PDF document. With StreamEDS developers can restrict users ability to: add or modify annotations, as well as modify, print or copy contents of the PDF.

Redaction/Obfuscation – Remove sensitive data

If encrypting your PDF is not enough, or if you are outputting to a different file type, but you still need a method to keep data secure then look no further. StreamEDS has the capability to dynamically redact information in real time. For more information on redaction see our StreamREDACT page.

Small document output size – Reduce your storage costs

Dynamic Type 3 Font Creation. StreamEDS can dynamically convert raster AFP fonts to type 3 PDF fonts. The type 3 font creation is efficient because only the portion of the AFP font that is actually used in a given document is converted to a PDF font and embedded in the document resulting in smaller document sizes for PDFs using StreamEDS type 3 font conversion. StreamEDS also provides the ability to map standard AFP fonts, as well as custom fonts, to standard PDF fonts to further decrease output file size.

Workflow Driven Design – Versatile to fit all of your needs

StreamEDS has been architected to be flexible and extensible via our workflow driven process. This allows a high degree of flexibility and customization to tailor the process to fit your exact needs. Whether that’s a combination of splitting, modifying text, redacting account numbers, to name a few, or just converting your AFPs to PDFs there is a solution for you.

High fidelity conversions – Keep your documents looking the way you want

StreamEDS offers near identical fidelity between transformed printed and digital documents. Here at TargetStream we pride ourselves on providing you with the best fidelity possible so you don’t have to settle for subpar presentation to your clients.

Minimal Configuration Effort – Hit the ground running

StreamEDS Workbench is a very powerful solution to view and transform AFP documents. It comes with a 1-click transform button to demonstrate the conversion process without any additional setup. It enables minimum configuration effort for the users. Simply download and install and in a matter of minutes you’re preforming your first transform. Don’t believe us? Contact us to demo our solution!

Easier archival – Split or Index your large documents for more precise archival

StreamEDS has the capability, with its tools StreamINDEX and splitting, to index large spool files or split them. Many of our clients use these features to improve their archival process to achieve faster response times to their clients.