Our Company

Some think our approach may be a bit extreme and that it just isn’t possible to provide quality products, services and support to customers. We don’t just offer the next silver bullet approach, but one that has been proven through years of experience. Our approach is based upon dedication and commitment to customer service. We are committed to providing high quality solutions and high customer satisfaction.

TargetStream’s team brings a wealth of experience and an extensive set of reusable components to help our clients reap the benefits of web enabling documents, reports and print stream data. We provide products, consulting, and outsourcing services. The products we offer include a number of proven software components that we have developed and used to provide successful solutions to many companies. We are also forming alliances with providers of complementary software tools and components that we can leverage to better serve our clients. Some of the benefits we strive for are to:

Reduce Development Time & Cost

Our products are used as an integral part of an architectural blueprint that will successfully enable the electronic delivery of your document, report, and print stream data. Use of our products will help your company significantly reduce its development time and costs. TargetStream also offers consulting services to jump-start a development project and establish a solid foundation for your electronic document archive and delivery needs.

Leverage Your Software Assets

TargetStream helps facilitate the effective and efficient use of your Integrated Document Archive And Retrieval Systems (IDARS). Many IDARS systems are priced based upon concurrent user licenses and/or usage. Our products and services help your organization maximize the available resources for your document storage system. The TargetStream software components that you’ll build with and manage will become the business’s key document delivery assets, which can be leveraged over and over again!