StreamEDS v1.7.102 Released

Filed in News by on June 7, 2019

StreamEDS version 1.7.102 Released.

Release notes:

  • -core: load resource names from the version specified in a context override
  • -core: improve messages on workflow parameter typing and parse errors
  • gui: make run configurations always available
  • gui: add JPEG transform toolbar button
  • gui: use toolbar drop-down button for PCL, PS, and XML transforms
  • gui: reduce default perspective bar size
  • gui: add preference option to always run last workflow ran
  • gui: allow generating run config when none are present
  • icnplugin: check document resources flag before retrieval from OnDemand
  • workflow: add sample workflow counting pages and passing to ExecutorResults

Please contact TargetStream for download instructions.

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