StreamEDS Version 1.7.123 Released

Filed in News by on June 23, 2020

StreamEDS version 1.7.123 Released.

Release notes:

  • -core: add support for afp charset resources in FontTable.xml
  • gui: add ID to Content Details view
  • gui: add Select All Table Cells to context menu for marked tables
  • gui: do not switch to selection first page when current page applies
  • -mark: add table->idBase & firstColumnIndex for split tables
  • -mark: add table->splitTableHeaderRows and splitTableHeaderColumns
  • -mark: add table->markSections to skip table header, body, & footer
  • -mark: add table->rowsLayout for some variations of text line counts
  • -mark: add rowSpan and colSpan to cell markers
  • -mark: add idTag and headerTags to cell markers for complex tables
  • -mark: add recangleAdjuster to table node markers
  • -mark: support text processor disable via <enabled> false
  • -pdfOut: support all standard tag attributes

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