StreamEDS version 1.7.65 Released

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StreamEDS version 1.7.65 Released.

Release Notes:
-afpout: use existing AFP charset resource when font name matches
-gui: add auto map fonts feature
-gui: add delete font mappings feature
-gui: add reset font mappings feature
-gui: add feature to configure missing glyphs action
-gui: add feature to configure autofill glyph keys option
-gui: add headers to font dialogs
-gui: change font dialogs layout
-gui: change font dialogs default sizes
-gui: rename edit button in font mappings view
-gui: add missing glyph action to new mapping dialog
-gui: add autofill glyph keys option to new mapping dialog
-gui: fix scrollbar visibility in new mapping dialog canvas
-gui: track changes in edit mapping dialog
-gui: show src and dst glyph keys in select glyph dialog
-gui: improve button names and layout in select glyph dialog
-gui: improve canvas selection behavior in select glyph dialog
-gui: add Extract Fonts context menu item for AFP charset resources
-pdfin: improve handling of pdf device colorspaces
-pdfout: fix shading dictionary indirect references

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