StreamEDS version 1.7.93 Released

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StreamEDS version 1.7.93 Released.

Release notes:

  • afpin: improve text scaling of embedded PDFs for rasterized outputs
  • afpin: remove spurious events about inconsistent X’92’ OCA object data
  • afpin: rename afpin.inconsistent.nonoca.objectdata event name to afpin.invalid.nonoca.strucflgs
  • content: fix range->max parsing exception
  • content: write markPage->table->markers configuration when editing stream changes via gui
  • content: calculate deterministic word separators for fonts without space glyphs
  • core: handle forms when filtering page content
  • gui: add offline update feature
  • gui: prevent crash when page store cache becomes invalid
  • gui: improve tooltip dialogs in logical structure view
  • pdfin: always use a zero-increment blank for Type 3 default glyph per spec
  • pdfout: always output a space glyph in fonts
  • pdfout: improve shading pattern stream handling
  • xmlout: fix invalid xml characters

Please contact TargetStream for download instructions.

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